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DONJOY SS316L Flexible Impeller Pump For Liquid And Solid Without Damage

DONJOY SS316L Flexible Impeller Pump For Liquid And Solid Without Damage

SS316L Flexible Impeller Pump

1.5" Thread Flexible Impeller Pump

HNBR Seal Flexible Impeller Pump

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Product Details
Stainless Steel 316L
Mechanical Seal:
1.5" Thread
1.5" Thread
Farm/Chemical Plant/ Drink, Juice...
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Packaging Details
carton box
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T/T, LC, Credit Card
Product Description

DONJOY SS316L Flexible Impeller Pump for liquid and solid without damage



RX flexibility impeller pump

It can achieve clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

It can be extracted and transferred liquid when liquid level lower than pump inlet enven max.5M

The pump is designed to transport and transfer low viscosity and high viscosity media and materials contains particles or gases



Product Name:

RX Flexibility EPDM Impeller Pump with Self priming fuction and easy to move always use in truck

Pump Body Material:


Seal Material:

EPDM (Standard, FDA approval) FPM(Viton) and NBR

Max. Flow:


Max. Head:


Max. Working Pressure:

4 bar

Max. Working Temperature:

80 °C

Mechanical seal:

SIC/SiC/EPDM(Standard), C/SIC, TC/TC

Sealing type:

Flushed double mechanical seal/single mechanical seal(standard)

Motor power:

0.5kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.0kw,


110V, 220V, 380V/440v



Motor Frequency:

50HZ, 60HZ

Surface treatment:

Ra≤0.6μm, EP=Ra0.4μm



Availably connection:

Tri-Clamp, Thread, Flange

Availably standard:




Low discharge option :

Low discharge/diaphragm valve/ball valve/butterfly valve



3-A-02-11 NO.1759, FDA 177.2600 CE-MD/06-42 NO.705201402401-00

Application scope: 

Dairy,food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, etc

Impeller materials



Packaging Details:

Plywood case or customerized. Or as per the request of customers.

Delivery details:

Usually within 20 days after receiving T/T down payment.


Working Principle

1. At pump inlet, due to the inner eccentric structure of pump stator, partial vacuum between the blades of flexible impeller will  be formed when volume is increased. The consequently formed suction will draw liquid into pump chamber.

2. The rotating impleller was carried the liquid from inlet to outlet. At this stage the space between blades actually was kept constant. The gap between blades allows big solid particles to pass through the pump and without damage on liquid.

3. The impeller is contacted with the flat part of the eccentric inner surface in pump stator. Whne impeller is bent, the volume between blades will be decreased continuously and evenly from the pump. 



DONJOY SS316L Flexible Impeller Pump For Liquid And Solid Without Damage 0


Advance design , simple construction 

Maintenance i smple and economical. The pump cover is fixed by four locking nuts. When maintaining the impeller and shaft seal of the pump, just need to unscrew the nuts .



Mechanical Seal :

We adopt single mechanical seal, sealing surfaci is carbon-metal ceramics, service life is extended. In food sanitary application, mechanical seals are designed to be cleaned sasily and to be avoided grooves where may be formed with sediment by liquid. 


Flexible solution for liquid conveying


1. Donjoy is committed to improve the flexible impeller pump. The application range for RX pump is being expanded by the improvement of pressure resistance, the innovatin design of pump body and shaft seal, and the application of new impeller materials

2. Excellent self priming function :Flexible impeller pump, with easy operation, is volumetric pump with excellent self priming function which could reach 6 meter 

3. Moderate Pumping: The pumping effect of RX pump is very stable and moderate, the medium won't be whipped and damaged. even if it's fragile media like high fat butterfat, big berry, even if it's half size of peach, could be passed through the pump without damage. Meanwhile our RX pump could be guaranteed to run without pulsation completely. It also could be used as dosing pump by adjusting pump pseed . 

4. Smple operration, low maintenace cost : Compared with other typical self priming pumps, such as pneumatic diaphragm pumps and variable volumetric pumps, the operating cost of RX pump is lower, maintenance is more simple and downtime is shorter, just need to disassemble front cover by using standard wrench, maintenance could be done on the flexible impeller pump, more importantly, there is no need to detach the pump from piping system. 



RX application of sanitary 

Hygiene is of paramount importance in the processing of food and dairy products. The RX is designed with polished stainless steel and food or milk grade impeller to meet rigorous hygiene requirement. The stainless steel sanitary RX is easy to clean, which use unsoltted shaft seal that dose not cause liquid deposition and the used impeller material has been tested and approved. and is certified to comply with FDA regulations. Typical products suitable for delivery by the pump including: Milk, skimmed milk, cream, curds,youghurt, whey, lumps, syrup, condiments, gelatin, honey, jam, ointment, canned food, beverage, wine, beer, fruit juice and spices.


RX application of Industry

RX flexible impeller pump also could be applied to the situation without sanitary requirement, however, it is still as main stainless steel pump.RX stainless steel pump is particularly suitable for conveying acidic liquids, clays, concrete additives, detergents, dyes, film processing chemicals, ink and sewage treatment cosmetic are also pumped in this type of pump frequently, including the following products: soap,shampoo, detergent, and moisturizer.


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Connection way

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Flow rate and head


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