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1/2 Inch Multi port Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve , Welding Connecion 3 port valves

1/2 Inch Multi port Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve , Welding Connecion 3 port valves

sanitary sample valve

3 way diaphragm valve

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Product Details
Product Name:
1/2 Inch Welding Multi-port Diaphragm Valve
SS316L / 1.4404 (round Steel Valve Body)
1/2"-2" DN25-DN50
Welding/ Clamp/ Other Special Connection
Double Pieces EPDM + PTFE(standard)
5port And 3 Control Valves
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Product Description

1/2 Inch Multi port Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve , Welding Connecion 3 port valves

Various configuration of Diaphragm valve

1. Didaphragm valve with Pisitioner/Process Controller(IL-TOP)

2. Diaphragm valve with Control Unit(C-Top)

3. Valve position Regulator

4. Plastic Handle

5. Stainless steel handle

6. Stianless steel acuator

7. Plastic Acuator

8. Body: Casting / Forging/ Round Steel Valve Body



Product Name:

1/2 Inch Multi-port Pneumatic Stainless Steel Diaphragm

Valve with Welding Connecion

Valve Body Material:

forging body 1.4404/316L

Seal Material:

Two pieces PTFE+EPDM(standard)

EPDM/SILICONE/FPM single piece, one piece adhesive


Max Working Pressure:

6 bar to 8bar(depending on diaphragm)


-10 degree c to 130 degree C(depending on diaphragm)

Availably  size:

1/2"-2" DN25-DN50

Availably connection:

Clamp/welding/special connection

Availably standard:



Pneumatic actuator(stainless steel and plastic)

Availably structure:

5 ports and 3 control valves(M-53A)

6 ports and 4 control valves(M-64A)



Smart valve positioner / C-TOP control / position sensor


3A/54-02 (1580), PED/97/23/EC, FDA.177.2600

Application scope:

Dairy,food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, etc


3 control valves, 5 ports



Diaphragm valves, manually or pneumatically operated, are specifically designed for use on hygiene and aseptic processes in the pharmaceutical industries.

The valve is excellent for flow control as well as open/close control.

The diaphragm valves are better in feature of flow in comparison with other valves. It is eaiser to clean up and better to process the substance with particles. The phenomenon of air pocket is rare during application of flow control.


Valve Body

Forging body blank is through a piece of stainless steel ingot, in the forging process, along with the high temperature forging provide, through extrusion blank shape change, through the forging after body dendity higher, the structure is more uniform, no sand hole and other impurities. Then through the processing center carry on the high precision machining.

Casting body is made by the mould paraffin wax model, paraffin wax model infiltratiion in ceramic, to let the whole body wax mold surface form a layer of strong ceramic. Melt wax modl, then into the melting of the stainless steel solution, after cooling knock off the appearance of ceramic, blank body is made up. Casting size is very accurate, the outward apperance is smmoth, clean and tidy.


Structure features

New diaphragm design.

Maintenance is simple,safe and easy to operate.

Self-empty function.

Had excellent KV value.

CIP/SIP sterilization and cleaning.


M-53A Type Multiport diaphragm valve

Three control valves, 5 ports

A water point seat

Two integrated closed-loop sampling valve seat

Suggest S1 up installation


M-64A Type Multiport diaphragm valve

Four control valves, 6 ports

Sterile valve block and ports are made of stainless steel block,

Multi-function block with several integrated applications, point of use WFI, sampling,

condensate drain, filling into larger vessels, draining, sterile steam supply for SI


Product design


1/2 Inch Multi port Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve , Welding Connecion 3 port valves 0

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