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ball valve diaphragm
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ball valve diaphragm (92)  Sport online manufacturer

Pneumatic Ball Valve , Regulating Valve With Controller / Signal Indicator

Feature: Signal Indicator (optional)

Operation: By Pneumatic Power

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DONJOY Pneuamtic diaprhagm valve with control head for regulating

Item: Diaphragm Valve / Regulating Diaphragm Valve

Connection Design: Weld / Clamp / Flange / Thread Etc

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Stainless steel 316L / 304 Regulating Diaphragm Valve for flow control

Product Name: Regulating Diaphragm Valve

Size Of Panel: DN25-DN100

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Pneumatic thin film Regulating Valve Control Valve with intelligent positioner

Product Name: Pneumatic Thin Film Regulating Valve

Size Of Panel: 1''-12'',DN25-DN300

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SS316L / SS304 Sanitary Diaphragm type Regulating Valve for regulating flow

Product Name: Regulating Valve

Size Of Panel: DN25 - DN100

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Manual Divert Seat Valve with SS Pull Handle for Flow Control

Product Name: Pneumatic Regulating Valve

Size Of Panel: 1" - 4"

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Diaphragm Regulating Valve with manual and pneumatic integrated type

Product Name: Diaphragm Regulating Valve

Size: DN25-DN300 Or 1" - 12"

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SS316L DN 50 Pneumatic Regulating/Shut off Valve with Intelligent Positioner

Product Name: Regulating Valve With Actuator

Size Of Panel: DN25 - DN100 Or 1" To 4"

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1"- 4" Pneumatic Regulating Valve with actuator and positioner for control valve flow

Product Name: Intelligent Regulating Valve

Size: DN25-DN100

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1'' - 4'' diaphragm Reversing Seat Valve with pneumatic and manual integrated

Material: SS304 / 316

Packaging Details: carton box

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Thin film Pneumatic Aseptic Reversing Seat Valve DN25-DN100 with SS316L

Item: Thin Film Pneumatic Aseptic Reversing Seat Valve

Optional: With Positioner / Controller

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3/8" - 3/4" 316L mini - type sanitary reversing seat valve with no dead conner

Material: SS316L

Packaging Details: carton box

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Aseptic Reversing Seat Valve DN25-DN150 with pneumatic actuator 304 / 316L

Material: SS304 / 316

Media: Water Etc.

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SS304 / SS316L Electric Globe Valve With Intelligent Electric Actuator for regulating

Item Name: Electric Globe Control Valve

Function: Electric Controlling

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